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Attestation Services in UAE

Astute Attestation has been the leading attestation service in the UAE, with a pan-country presence. Our experienced professionals know the exact process to be pursued for each type of attestation. Aiding us in completing the attestation in the promised timeframe.

Educational document attestation

Do you want to get an educational document attestation done urgently? Is your employer asking for an attested educational certificate? We guarantee the provision of the attested document in a quick time. Connect with us right away.

Commercial document attestation

Commercial document attestation might turn into a herculean task if you are unaware of the procedure to be pursued. A dependable attestation service, Astute Attestation, can be your support for commercial document attestation in UAE.


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All the documents and certificates submitted to the authorities are required to be attested by approved agencies and MOFA. Attestation confirms the authenticity of a document. Hence, attestation is a mandatory requirement in UAE. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is the final authority for attestation in UAE. A nominal amount is charged for the attestation of certificates and documents in the UAE. The cost for attestation would depend on the type of certificate to be attested.


Attestation can be completed in around five working days. However, the time taken for completing the attestation would differ depending on the type of document.


The Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) is the final authority in the home country for the attestation of educational certificates and documents. The UAE consulate or embassy in the home country would attest the educational document only post attestation of the same by the HRD.

Trusted Attestation Services in UAE

Astute, an esteemed and trustworthy agency that specializes in document attestation, provides reliable and responsible attestation services in the UAEWe are experts in every aspect of the documentation sector, offering services including document processing, corporate document authentication, and document verification for educational and non-educational purposes.

Purposes of Attestation Services in UAE

When requesting a visa to go to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for either personal or professional reasons, UAE attestation is a must. It involves looking into the validity of the documents that immigrants are carrying. The top 5 purposes of getting certificate attestation in the UAE include 

  • Work permits
  • Establishing a new business branch
  • Family visas
  • Student visas or higher education, and
  • Admission to schools and colleges in the UAE.

Certificate attestation in UAE is necessary for the UAE government to verify that your documents are reliable and authentic. When requesting a UAE visa, the UAE embassy must verify the documents and certify their validity. Educational, non-educational, and corporate documents are all eligible for this embassy attestation, which increases their credibility and speeds up the procedure with the consulate.

Different Types of Attestation Services We Provide

At Astute, we provide attestation services for different types of documents that are necessary for various purposes. Given below are some of our attestation services in UAE:

Educational Document Attestation: We at Astute Attestation provide reliable and efficient educational document attestation service in UAE. The proper attestation of a wide range of educational documents in UAE, including school leaving certificates, SSC and HSC certificates, degree certificates, engineering certificates, nursing certificates, medical certifications, and more, is ensured by our competent staff. We have offices in multiple countries to facilitate the attestation process for our clients. You can be sure that your documents will be handled with care and safety.

Non-Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE: For non-educational document attestation in the UAE, requires you to have your personal identity certificates, such as birth, death, marriage, and medical certificates, verified by your country's embassy/consulate. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE Government has to certify the documents. For several types of visas, including family residence visas and work visas, certain document attestations are required.

We provide quick and secure personal attestation services for UAE at Astute Attestation. Our professional validation services guarantee prompt and accurate attestation, giving you a cost-effective option.

Commercial Attestation Service in UAE: The commercial invoice is a necessity while doing business abroad since it is used to import and export commodities. The persons involved, the goods being shipped, and the nation of origin are all identified in this document. Astute offers trustworthy and affordable commercial document attestation service in UAEto make sure all of your business dealings go as planned.

Marriage Certificate Attestation services in UAE:

The UAE requires a verified marriage certificate in order to fulfill visa requirements and receive appropriate permits. However, numerous departments and ministries from both the home country and the UAE are involved in the attestation process for marriage certificates in the UAE. Due to its intricacy, a lot of ex-pats choose to delegate this work to local visa attestation services in UAE.

Birth Certificate Attestation services in UAE:

An attested birth certificate must be submitted when seeking school enrollment, a child's resident visa, migration status, or to change the name on official documents. This guarantees the document's legitimacy and authenticity.

Documents Required for Attestation Services for UAE

Every type of document has a distinctive attestation procedure. Here is an overview of UAE attestation to make it easier:

Educational Documents:

  • Pre-authenticate the document with the HRD (Home Department) of the relevant state.
  • Document Attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
  • Lastly, attestation of the UAE Embassy document.

Personal and non-academic documents:

  • Pre-authenticate the document with the Home Department of the relevant state.
  • certify the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) document.
  • Lastly, attestation of the UAE Embassy document.

Commercial Documents:

  • Attest the document from the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Document attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).
  • Lastly, attestation of the UAE Embassy document.

UAE Attestation Procedure:

Attestation procedures in UAE can be challenging, especially for foreigners. This is where Astute comes in. Our team of experts provides genuine attestation services, ensuring all the procedures are complemented in a seamless manner. 

Regional Level: Attestation from the notary, university, or chamber of commerce where the documents were issued (for educational documents) or commercial documents.

State Government: Verification from three different organizations depending on the document type:

State Home Division (SHD)

Department of Human Resources (HRD)

SDM, or Sub-Divisional Magistrate

MEA Stamp: Certification from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), which is the main office in charge of international relations. The document is stamped with the MEA logo.

Attestation by an embassy: The last stage of certification by representatives of the UAE Embassy in the target nation. The Ministry of External Affairs performs this attestation lastly.

Embassy Attestation: Final phase of certification by the officials of the UAE Embassy in the respective country. The Ministry of External Affairs performs this attestation last.

Please be informed that depending on the type of document and the country from which it originates, the precise specifications and sequence of the attestation process may change.

Highlights of Our Services:

Astute certificate attestation in UAE makes the process of getting your attestation completed simple and offers reliable solutions at reasonable prices. Given below are the steps involved in the UAE attestation process:

Step 1: Document Collection

Hand over the document you need to be attested to us.

Step 2: Review and Approval

We will comply with the formalities

Step 3. Approval and Delivery: 

Our executive will deliver the attested document to you

Why Should You Choose Astute Attestation in UAE?

You can choose the astute attestation service in the UAE with the confidence that your documents will be properly attested, saving you time, money, and effort in the process.

Acceptance by necessary Authorities: If you work with Astute Attestation, you can be sure that the necessary authorities will accept your certified documents. We make sure the attestation procedure is completed accurately and in compliance with the demands of the relevant authorities.

Process without hassle: Using our service saves you from the challenges associated with the attestation procedure. You may concentrate on other important matters because we handle all the required stages, including document submission, verification, and attestation  

Minimized Travel: With astute attestation, you do not need to travel and personally appear before numerous authorities. We manage the full attestation procedure on your behalf, minimizing the number of trips you must make.

Saving time and money: By using our service, you can make substantial time and money savings.

Reach out to us to get your documents attested easily without any hassles.