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How to Identify Fake UAE Attestation?

How to Identify Fake UAE Attestation?

Published On 03-03-2021

How to Identify Fake UAE Attestation?

The world is turning greyer day by day. Making it difficult for a common man to differentiate fraud from a genuine person. It is the case with the attestation service as well. You may not be sure about the reliability and credibility of the attestation agency you choose. We have seen that many clients even don’t understand the consequences of hiring a fake attestation service.

Please understand that a fake attestation can land you in grave trouble. It can lead to a lifetime ban for you. Therefore, select a trustworthy attestation agency in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE, for carrying out attestation of your educational, non-educational, or commercial document. You won’t be able to correct the harm if the authority in the country catches the fake attestation.

You can undertake some analysis to confirm whether the attestation service you p[lan to choose is genuine or not. Although not foolproof, it would be better to analyse the agency’s credentials before going ahead blindly.

Identifying the Real Attestation Agency in UAE from the Fake Ones

All the agencies will have exaggerated claims on their websites. They would cleverly hide the drawbacks behind the honeyed words. Hence, a normal person may not find any issues with the attestation services, even if it’s a fake one.

Nonetheless, pursue the following steps and try to identify a trustworthy agency for undertaking attestation on behalf of you.

  • Thorough Examination

In addition to going through their websites, you may go through the testimonials and record of accomplishment. Try to talk to the person(s), who used their services. Discussing the experience of the person will help you to a remarkable extent, to confirm the authenticity of the firm.   

  • Compare Seals and Signs

This may turn out an uphill task for you. Try to get the images of the signature and seals of the officials. Even though the fake attestation will be using similar seals and signs manufactured by them, you can scrutinize to compare both to affirm that it is original or not.

  • Confirmation about their Branch in the Home Country

Of course, the certificates and documents have to be dispatched to the country of origin for attestation by the authorities, which issued the certificate. A reputed and renowned attestation service will have a full-fledged office and a team of professionals in the home country. The address of the office in the home country may be available on their website. If not, get it from them and ask any of your relatives or friends to confirm the same. A fake agency will have a fake address mentioned on their website, most of the time.

  • Face to Face Interaction

Get down to face-to-face interaction with the professional at the agency. Discuss their mode of functioning, the details of international courier partners, the packages offered, the process followed and so on. You may be able to recognize the genuineness. Further, you may rely on your gut feeling after the discussion with the firm.

How to Choose the Attestation Service in UAE

It is better to assign the task of attestation to a reliable attestation service in UAE. You may focus on the following points for choosing the attestation agency in the country. Thereby ensuring a cost-effective attestation process.  

  • Research about the agencies in your region and handpick a few
  • Check the packages offered and their procedure for the same
  • Confirm the presence of branches of the attestation service in your home country
  • Try to know about the experience of the team
  • Check the track record and result rate
  • Examine the process pursued and how professional they are


Astute Attestation Services in UAE

Astute is proud to be one of the top attestation services in UAE. We scaled the summit of success through genuine and time-bound attestation processing. We neither charge exorbitant costs for aiding the attestation of educational, non-educational and commercial documents in UAE. Our professional team will closely monitor and track the certificate at each stage of attestation to expedite the procedure.

Are you looking for a reliable attestation agency in the UAE?

Dial us now or request a call back. Our executives will brief you about everything related to attestation. And help you choose the right package.

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