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Importance of Certificate Attestation to Get a Job in UAE

Importance of Certificate Attestation to Get a Job in UAE

Published On 17-04-2021

Importance of Certificate Attestation to Get a Job in UAE

Every country has its rules and regulations regarding immigrants seeking higher education, employment, resident status, and entrepreneurship in the country. The policymakers always concentrate on scrutinizing the citizens to identify those with genuine certifications. Preventing the entry of frauds, fake certificate holders and unqualified individuals is of paramount importance for the countries to maintain quality. Having the same concept, the UAE has made it compulsory for the expats to submit only attested certificates.

You will have to get the educational certificates attested for use in UAE. Unattested educational certificates and other documents will not carry any value. And the application will be rejected without any intimation. Educational certificate attestation in UAE begins at the country of origin. Predominantly, the issuing authority must ascertain it from their records and attest it, confirming the authenticity. 

Procedure for Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE

Procedures for Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE

The process of educational certificate attestation begins in the home country, as stated above. In fact, the issuing authority in the country of origin has to do the primary attestation in the case of educational, non-educational, and commercial documents. Notarial act or notarization is an alternative process, which could be pursued in case of difficulty in obtaining attestation from the issuing organization.

The procedure of attestation of educational certificate is enumerated below. We have considered the attestation of the Indian educational certificate as an example.

  • Attestation by the university, which issued the certificate. A proper verification vis-à-vis records held at the office before attestation of the educational certificate/ document
  • Attestation by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD). The HRD is the ministry authorized to peruse the educational certificates in India, post attestation by the university
  • Subsequent to HRD, the educational certificate has to be submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). It is the final authority in the country that affirms the genuineness of the educational document for use in the UAE
  • The embassy or consulate of UAE in India will attest the educational certificate after the MEA
  • Once the embassy attestation is done, it can be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE


The documents required for educational certificate attestation in UAE are:

  1. Original certificate
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Copy of visa
  4. Passport size photographs


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Importance of Educational Certificate Attestation to Get a Job in UAE

Importance of educational certificate attestation to get a job in UAE

  • Educational certificate attestation is an unavoidable part of getting a job in the UAE. The attestation by the competent departments and ministries silently confirms that you are qualified enough to perform the job. 
  • Credibility of your certificate – The attestation cements the credibility of your document. Once the attestation is done, it can be submitted whilst applying for jobs or higher education at any firm or university in the UAE. You don’t have to furnish any other detail to confirm that it has been issued by the relevant institution in the home country.
  • Legal Validity – An attested document is legally valid. Therefore, you can challenge any rejections, based on the validity, in the court of justice. Some of the educational documents act as identity proof as well. You can use an attested educational certificate, without any concern, in such cases.
  • Better Value than an Unattested One – Although attestation is a mandatory aspect in UAE, some private firms may not mandate attested documents. There would be aspirants submitting unattested educational certificates for such employment in UAE. Nevertheless, your document will have better priority and value than the unattested one.


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How to Get the Educational Certificate Attested in UAE?

How to Get the Educational Certificate Attested in UAE

You can consider pursuing the process of attestation in UAE by yourself. However, you may note that it is a long-drawn process with different departments/ ministries involved. Check out the procedure thoroughly before commencing the process. Otherwise, you will be losing too much time in correcting the documents and resubmitting the application. 

Alternately, you can hire a reputed attestation service in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for undertaking the task on behalf of you. Just give a letter authorizing the firm to carry out the attestation procedure. The professional team from the organization will quickly comply with the formalities, complete the attestation, and deliver the attested certificate to your location.     

Astute attestation has been one of the most preferred attestation service providers in the UAE. We understand the value of each of the educational certificates and handle those carefully to prevent loss or misplacement. Moreover, we keep a track of the attestation orders from the time we receive them from you until returning them after attestation. 

To attest your educational certificate in UAE, talk to us now. 

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