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How many days will it take for Certificate Attestation in UAE?

How many days will it take for Certificate Attestation in UAE?

Published On 19-05-2021

How many days will it take for Certificate Attestation in UAE?

Many a time ex-pats are confused about the necessity of attestation. The majority consider it as a mandatory need only for governmental formalities. Although attested educational, non-educational, and commercial documents are compulsory for purposes including visa formalities, higher education, immigration documentation, and resident status, only attested documents and certificates are accepted for jobs and other requirements in the public, as well as, private sector.  

Involving a bunch of authorities and departments in the issuing country and the UAE, the attestation is a long-drawn task. The individual would have to visit office to office, obtaining signatures. Already assigned with several other jobs as well, the officials may delay the attestation. An attestation service in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, which can be relied on, would be helpful at such a juncture. The agency will comply with the official formalities and complete the attestation on the individual’s behalf.

On the other hand, some get confused between apostille and attestation. It may be noted that apostille and attestation are two different concepts. Apostille was formulated in the Hague Convention of 1961. And the same is accepted, in lieu of attestation, among the member countries in the said convention. Because the UAE was not a member country, only attested original documents are accepted in the country. The apostille will be rejected outright.

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Time Consumed for Attestation of a Document

Time Consumed for Attestation of a Document

Attestation of a document could be divided into two parts, viz. attestation by the competent authority in the home country and attestation by the UAE authority. It would be advisable to understand the proper procedure prior to starting the process. The attestation services will have professionals thorough with the paperwork. Therefore, they would be able to conclude the attestation in a quick time.  

  • Attestation of the Document in the Home Country

The attestation process commences in the country of origin. Only the issuing authority in the country can ascertain the authenticity and state the same. The signature and seal from the issuing department, which may be a university or board in the case of an educational document or certificate, will confirm that the details of the document are held in the records. Hence, the document is genuine.

Certain documents may not need attestation from the issuing authority. Rather an approved public notary could notarize it. Notarization is also called a notarial act. Once the document has been notarized, it could be forwarded to the relevant department for subsequent attestation. For example, the Ministry of Commerce would be the authorized ministry for attesting a commercial document.

The document, after attestation by the relevant ministry, would have to be submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). The attestation by the MEA/ MOFA is the authority for submitting the same to the embassy or consulate of the UAE in the home country. The attestation of the document by the authorized official in the embassy/ consulate completes the attestation formality in the country of origin.

  • Attestation of the Document in the UAE

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE is the final authority for attesting the document. The same is the case with educational, non-educational, and commercial documents. The MOFA will sign and seal the certificate/ document after verifying the signatures on the document. The document could be used in UAE subsequently.

The mandatory requirement of attestation has led to the formation of fake attestation agencies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well. One may note that fake attestation is considered a grave offense. And the individual may face severe consequences for fake attestation, including a lifetime ban.  

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Time Required for Attestation in the UAE

Time Required for Attestation in the UAE

A stipulated time may not be stated for attestation of documents in the UAE. The attestation necessitates the dispatch and return of the document to and from the home country. Additionally, there are formalities to comply in the country of origin and UAE. Hence, it may not be possible to mention a specific period for attestation. It may be beneficial for the ex-pat to assign the attestation to a trustworthy attestation service. They may be able to complete the task in a short time frame.

We reiterate the word “trustworthy” as they would be handling documents of immense value. The process of dispatch and return, the procedure established for complying with the formalities, and the methodology for monitoring the document during the process is vital. Misplacement or loss of the document can turn problematic for the immigrant. Obtaining a duplicate document may become a herculean task.

Astute Attestation has been offering attestation services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other regions in the UAE for a long time. We have trained and experienced professionals, who are well versed with the formalities. They will undertake the attestation in the prescribed procedure without any lacunae. Hiring Astute will help the immigrant in attestation of documents in UAE in a stipulated time. Moreover, one can opt for the appropriate service from us, depending on the urgency of the document. Contact us or request a call back to get more details. We also offer free pick up and delivery services with order tracking.

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