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Importance and Procedures of Document Attestation for getting Employment Visa in UAE

Importance and Procedures of Document Attestation for getting Employment Visa in UAE

Published On 17-06-2021

Importance and Procedures of Document Attestation for getting Employment Visa in UAE

The UAE authorities will not issue an employment visa without submitting the requisite documents. Extant policies in the country stipulate acceptance of attested documents only. 

Therefore, the educational certificates and other documents submitted for employment in the UAE have to be attested by the competent authorities, which include the ministries also. This procedure has been formed to ensure that all the documents submitted are genuine.

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There had been confusion in applicants concerning attestation and apostille. Aspirants must note that apostille is not accepted anywhere in the country. Original documents with proper attestation are applicable in UAE. 

Apostille is permissible only in the countries that had signed the agreement in the Hague Convention in 1961. UAE was not a member of the subject convention; hence the said document is not considered an alternative for attestation.

The procedure for attestation of documents in the UAE is a drawn-out process. The candidate will have to visit departments and ministries several times. This may turn into a complex activity for the individuals. 

Imagine the other activities he or she may have to undertake for traveling to a foreign country. A trustworthy attestation service in UAE could be the preferable support for completing the attestation formalities.

The subsequent paragraphs elaborate on the attestation procedure for documents in UAE.

Procedures of Document Attestation for getting Employment Visa in UAE

Educational documents are necessary for a job visa in the UAE. The attestation of educational documents will commence in the country of origin, i.e. wherever the educational certificate was issued.

The educational certificates that require attestation for use in UAE include:

  • SSLC Certificate
  • 10+2 Certificate
  • HSC Certificate
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Professional Degree Certificate
  • Master’s Degree Certificate
  • School Transfer Certificate

The procedure for educational document attestation in the UAE:

Attestation by the University/ School Board – The issuing authority, the university, or the school board is responsible for the initial attestation of the educational certificate. The officials in the corresponding office will check the records held and confirm that the certificate is authentic. The sign and seal by the authorized official will mark that the certificate is issued originally by the authority.

Attestation by the HRD – The ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) is the ministry responsible for educational documents in India. The relevant ministries in the other countries would attest to the document subsequent to the organization that issued the document. HRD will attest after the university/ board.

Attestation by the MEA/ MOFA in the Home Country – The Ministry of External Affairs (in the case of India)/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for other countries) is the final authority for attesting any document that goes to any foreign authority.

The Embassy/ Consulate of UAE – The embassy or consulate of UAE in the country of origin will sign and seal the document after MEA/ MOFA. The document has to be submitted in the laid down format for the attestation.

MOFA in UAE – The MOFA in UAE is the final attestation authority. The educational certificate is considered valid in UAE after attestation by MOFA. The educational document has to be submitted in accordance with the procedure. Else, the authority may return it without attestation, asking for corrections. Moreover, any anomalies in the document or discrepancies in the process can turn troublesome.

This lengthy process may turn into a cumbersome task for the candidates. Experienced attestation services in UAE would be advisable to conclude attestation in a quick time. Even though long-drawn never consider fake attestation offered by some agencies. It can land the expat in trouble and may even lead to a lifetime ban.   

Astute Attestation Services – Your Perfect Attestation Agency in UAE

Astute Attestation has been the leading attestation service in the UAE. We have been helpful to several expats, who were seeking employment opportunities in the country. We could complete the attestation process for them, without any issues or delay, and hand over the document. So that they could get a job in the UAE and start a promising new life.

Job aspirants can approach us for any attestation requirement for obtaining a work visa in UAE. Our perfect attestation has been lauded by the expats, who have availed of our services. Our comprehensive attestation process is:

  1. Collection of document from the client’s location
  2. Scrutiny, entry of the document in our system for monitoring and proper tracking during the attestation process
  3. Dispatch and return documents through our reliable courier services
  4. Completion of attestation in a short time
  5. Delivery of the attested document to the client

We have been successful in providing 100% results. Our team observes meticulous methodology, derived through extensive study and analysis. This has been helpful in undertaking a flawless attestation process to date.

Are you looking for educational document attestation services in the UAE?

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