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How to Apply for a Family Visa in the UAE?

How to Apply for a Family Visa in the UAE?

Published On 31-08-2021

How to Apply for a Family Visa in the UAE?

If you are planning to bring your dependents to UAE along with you, you need a family visa. There are different types of family visas and all of them come with a set of guidelines and instructions. However, if you wish to apply for a family visa, you have to fill in the appropriate forms, initiate the document process for various other things and thus, you need to have an overall idea before you begin. 

Here, we are going to discuss all the important things that you must know while applying for a UAE Family visa. 

Types of Dependent or Family Visas

Types of Dependant or Family VisaA family visa can be obtained for the following dependents:

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Sons (Maximum age bar is 18 years. If they are still studying, the age bar is placed at 21 years. This means that boys above 21 years are not eligible for family or dependent visa)
  • Daughters (Only unmarried daughters are eligible for the dependent visa. Married daughters are eligible for a spouse visa, initiated by their husbands)
  • Stepchildren (They require a NOC or non-objection certificate from the other biological parent as well)
  • Adopted children (Submitting legal adoption papers is mandatory)
  • Parents
  • Parents-in-law

Who can be a Sponsor and What are the Governmental Regulations?

The person bringing his dependents or family to UAE is called a sponsor and there are various rules to decide the eligibility for being a sponsor as well. 

  • Male expats must have a monthly salary of AED 4000 or AED 3000 plus accommodation
  • Female expats must have a monthly salary of AED 10,000 or a monthly salary of AED 8,000 plus accommodation
  • All the dependents above 18 years of age tested for HIV, TB and generic medical health
  • Sponsors with same-sex marriages are not allowed to sponsor their spouses
  • There are no profession-based regulations though. So, all you have to do is meet the minimum salary requirements.
  • If you are planning to bring your parents or parents-in-law, the minimum salary bracket is AED 20000.

Documents Required for a UAE Family Visa

  • UAE Visa Application Form (online or through a registered typing office)
  • The latest utility bill
  • Passport-size pictures of the family member/s being sponsored
  • Medical clearance certificate for any family member over the age of 18
  • Passport copies of the family member/s being sponsored
  • The legalised marriage certificate
  • Legalised Birth certificate for children
  • Copy of the sponsor’s employment contract or company contract
  • Proof of the monthly salary the sponsor earns
  • Proof of accommodation, such as the registered tenancy contract
  • Sponsor’s birth certificate for the parents-in-law and parents arriving on family visa

How to apply for the UAE family visa?

The family visas can be sponsored by the expatriates or their employers and must be applied for within 60 days of getting your own residence visa. 

There are two important steps in this process:

1. Applying for the UAE entry permit

You or your employer must apply for an entry permit to UAE before making the travel plans for your family or dependents. The entry permit visa applications can be submitted at the following offices:

  • GDRFA or General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (Offline and online applications)
      • If you are applying for the entry permit, you have to go to a licensed GDRFA centre to avail the typing services. You can also get this done at one of the Amer centres.
      • GDRFA Dubai mobile app is also available for both, the iOS and Android devices. 
  • Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

You can either opt for the eChanel portal of ICA or the dedicated official apps.

2. Submitting the UAE Family Visa Application

You can apply and submit the visa application once the family members have arrived in the country. They can arrive in the UAE on the basis of their entry permits. You have to submit the visa application in the GDRFA office of the relevant Emirates. 

Once the application is approved, it is valid for 1 to 3 years and you have to renew it 30 days before its expiry date. 

Further, you must know that if your or sponsor’s visa is expired, the family visas of his or her dependents will also be no longer valid and turn into void. 

How to Make the Visa Process Easier?

With so many steps and processes, the odds of making mistakes are very high. Further, not all the people are well-versed with the paperwork. There are many companies and agencies that offer family visa services, such as Astute Attestation, which offers expert visa consultation and many other services. The firm also offers Emirates ID typing services. 

So, you can get all the steps done in a jiffy and that too at a nominal price with no chance of making any errors. 

We hope all our readers find the information shared here useful. For more information and expert guidance, please leave your comments. 


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