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Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE

An attested birth certificate has to be submitted whilst applying for school enrolment, resident visa for the child, migration status, and changing of name in official documents. The process of birth certificate attestation for the UAE would involve the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other relevant departments if the kid was born in the country.

The birth certificate for an attestation has to be forwarded to the home country for the initial phase of attestation for those born in other countries. The lengthy and cumbersome activity would necessitate reliable support from a credible attestation agency in the UAE. Astute Attestation has professionals with immense experience, who understand the intricate aspects of attestation, for helping you with birth certificate attestation for UAE.

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Steps of Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE

The birth certificate attestation process for those born in UAE is an unfussy process and could be concluded without any complications. It can be initiated and processed through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) website or mobile application. You have to register online, upload the requisite documents and pay the fee.

For the individuals with birth certificates issued from other countries, the attestation process will begin at the country of origin. That’s why we have our offices in all the major countries around the globe. Our experienced professionals will quickly commence the attestation process, once they receive the documents. Thereby, ensuring that our clients are not waiting for the document for continuing the official formalities, viz. visa application, resident status, admission to school, higher education application, etc.

The steps of birth certificate attestation for UAE are elaborated below: 

  1. Notarization of the Birth Certificate – The notarial act or notarization is the first step for birth certificate attestation for UAE. The authorized notary in the home country would examine the document and notarize the same. 

  2. Attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs – The notarized document has to be submitted to the ministry, following the laid down procedure, for attestation by the competent authority. The embassy/ consulate of the UAE will attest the birth certificate only after attestation by the MEA/ MOFA.

  3. Attestation by the Authority in the Embassy/ Consulate of the UAE in the Home Country – The competent authority in the UAE Consulate/ Embassy in the home country will peruse the birth certificate and attest. This is the final step in the country of origin for birth certificate attestation for the UAE.

  4. Attestation by MOFA in the UAE – The MOFA is the final attestation authority in the UAE. The birth certificate could be used for official purposes after the attestation by MOFA.

Documents for Birth Certificate Attestation

Presently the MOFA charges AED 150 for attestation of birth certificate for UAE. You may reach out to us for confirming the latest charges and additional fees (if any). The documents confirming the identity of the individual are required for birth certificate attestation in UAE. Those include:

  • Copy of passport of the individual
  • Original birth certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Authorization letter

In the case of a child, who was born in the UAE, the following documents would be required for completing the birth certificate attestation: 1. Original passports of both the parents, with a resident visa status 2. Emirates ID 3. Marriage certificate of the parents 4. Birth notification received from the hospital, with the child’s birth data, hospital’s seal, etc.

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We are here to help you with the attestation of birth certificate, as well as, other documents and certificates. Our trustworthy and committed support has been helpful for numerous expats and residents in the UAE. You can assign us attestation of educational, non-educational, and commercial documents for the UAE.

With a team of experienced professionals and branches in several countries around the world, we are able to undertake the attestation without any hitches. Each type of document has stipulated channels and relevant offices responsible for it. Knowing the exact process by virtue of the experience, our team concludes the birth attestation for UAE in the shortest possible time.

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  • What is birth certificate attestation?

    Birth certificate attestation is the process of authentication of the birth certificate of an individual by the authorized signatories. The sign and seal by MOFA in the UAE confirm the birth certificate to be genuine.

  • Why is birth certificate attestation important?

    Only an attested birth certificate is considered genuine. Therefore, the application for the purposes including resident status, school admission, and change of name in the official documents will be rejected if the birth certificate attached is not an attested one.

  • What if you lose the birth certificate?

    We have a foolproof process for the complete attestation process. It has been developed after a thorough brainstorming session, to prevent any misplacement or loss of the document. Moreover, we use credible international couriers for the dispatch and return of the documents. Ensuring 100% safety. Our clean record of accomplishment is the indication of our performance.

  • How many days required for birth certificate attestation for UAE?

    The time required will depend on several factors, hence could not be confirmed. However, we assure you of the quick completion of the attestation of your birth certificate.

  • How do you charge for the birth certificate attestation?

    There are different packages depending on the speed of the birth certificate attestation. You may contact us to know more about charges.

  • Is apostille accepted in the UAE?

    Apostille is not acceptable in the UAE. The country accepts attested documents only. Apostille is accepted by those countries, which were a part of the Hague Convention in 1961. UAE was not a member of the subject convention.

  • What is the difference between an apostille and attestation?

    The basic difference is the Apostille is a separate document confirming the authenticity of the certificate. On the other hand, attestation is done on the original document itself.