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Canadian Document Attestation in UAE

Canadian documentation is necessary for using those in UAE. Both the countries have not been the members of Hague Convention in 1961. Due to this, Apostille is not an acceptable alternative to attestation and authentication. Canada Certificate Attestation in UAE would be a long-drawn process involving the authorities in Canada and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE.

The Canadian document that is to be attested should be initially submitted to the department which had issued it for attestation. The subsequent process includes attestation by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) and the UAE embassy in Ottawa, Canada.

Imagine how cumbersome it will be to fly down to Canada, prepare the application, and wait for long hours in the queue. A trustworthy Canada certificate attestation service in UAE can save you from this daunting task. Consider us for attestation of the document for UAE. We have extensive experience in rendering attestation services to Canadian nationals staying in UAE. 

We have set up a systematic process for document attestation in UAE. It has been formulated in such a way as to conclude the Canadian certificate attestation in UAE in a time-bound period. Besides avoiding the probabilities of loss or misplacement.  

  1. Our responsible professionals are the best team to rely on for attestation of educational, personal, and commercial documents in Canada and UAE. Astute Attestation requests you to be beware of fake attestation agencies in UAE. They may offer services at phenomenally low rates.  

  2. However, the sign and seal on the document would be forged. It is paramount to understand the aftereffects of such an activity. If found out, the country can charge you with serious penalties and a lifetime ban.

  3. MOFA undertakes a thorough examination of each of the documents. Hence, there is a high probability for them to detect the fraud.

  4. Reach out to us for attestation requirements of any type of Canadian document. WE would handle the document with perfect care, conclude the attestation and deliver the attested certificate to your doorstep. To know more about our attestation services, the details of the affordable packages offered, any other queries, or for assigning us with Canadian document attestation, contact us now.

Steps Involved in Canada Certificate Attestation in UAE

The Canadian document attestation process could be summarised into four stages. Those are intended to authenticate that the document has been issued by the relevant authority, the individual has the righteous claim on the document and the same could be utilized for the purposes stated.

1. The initial step is the notarization of the Canadian document by a government-approved Public Notary in Canada. This is also called Notarial Act. Notarial act commences the attestation process in Canada.

2. DFAIT is the next authority that should approve the Canadian educational, non-educational and commercial document. They would analyze the document and attest the same.

3. UAE Embassy in Canada is the final authority that would attest the document in Canada. They would be signing the document more or less relying on the notarization by the Pubic Notary and attestation by DFAIT.

4. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE is the final authority for attesting the document.  

Types of Canadian Documents Attestation in UAE

  1. Canadian Educational Certificate for Attestation  

  2. Canadian Non-educational Certificate Attestation

  3. Canadian Commercial Document Attestation in UAE


Documents Required for Canadian Certificate Attestation

Only minimal documents are required for Canadian document attestation in UAE. The documents are intended for identifying the individual and his or her qualification.

  • Copy of passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Original certificate or document that is to be attested
  • Authorization letter to Astute

How Astute Help with Canada Certificate Attestation in UAE?

Astute Attestation has been the leading Canadian document attestation agency in UAE. We have an exclusive office in Canada with experienced employees. They would handle the attestation process with utmost care and professionalism to complete the activity in a short time. We aim to complete the task in a specific time frame.

To hire us for your Canadian document attestation, connect with us now.

  • Is Apostille accepted in Canada instead of attestation?

    No. Apostille is not accepted. You will have to attest the original document in Canada for use in UAE. Canadian document attestation is mandatory for using the document in UAE.

  • Which are the Canadian educational documents you undertake attestation?

    You can approach us for attestation of any of the Canadian educational documents. The Canadian educational document we undertake attestation service include Degree certificate, Provisional Mark list, Diploma Certificate, and Board Certificate

  • Can an individual undertake Canadian document attestation?

    Of course, yes. Any person can undertake Canadian document attestation by himself or herself. However, the uphill task may tire you. Therefore, it is advisable to hire an attestation service for Canadian document attestation.

  • How much will it cost for a Canadian certificate attestation inUAE?

    Costs for Canadian document attestation will vary depending on the document. If you are asking about the service charge for Canadian document attestation, we assure you that we offer affordable charges only.

  • Is Canadian document attestation mandatory for UAE?

    Yes. The Canadian document without attestation would be rejected outright.