Are you planning to set up a company in the UAE? Do you want to obtain resident status in the UAE? Does your child want to pursue higher education in the UAE? Are you applying for a job in the UAE?

All of these would need an application attached with the requisite documents. When we talk about documents, let it be commercial, educational, or personal documents or certificates, it would require attestation. Attestation is a mandatory requirement if you are submitting the documents to the authorities in UAE.

An unattested document is considered invalid!

You must obtain attestation on the original document prior to submitting it. Yes, that would be an uphill task involving many departments in the home country as well as the UAE. You may have to visit the offices several times to confirm the status of the certificates. Loaded with many jobs simultaneously, the officials would take much more time than you imagine, for attesting your certificate or document.

How can I overcome this predicament?

This might be the question in your mind. No need to worry about it. Astute Attestation can help you with attestation of all kinds of documents and certificates in UAE, including birth certificate attestation, marriage certificate attestation, degree certificate attestation, good conduct certificate attestation, police clearance certificate attestation, Memorandum of Association attestation, affidavit attestation, and so on.

We have been one of the most reliable attestation services in UAE providing attestations including HRD attestation. As you might have understood by now, it is imperative to obtain HRD attestation for the usage of certificates in the UAE.

Importance of HRD Attestation in UAE

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) is the authorized body for provisioning educational infrastructure by establishing academies and institutions, timely amending the educational curriculum, introducing advanced courses etcetera. Basically, the ministry is entrusted with the responsibility to impart the best knowledge, education, and training to the citizens.

The HRD ministry is equally responsible to make sure that only the eligible individuals, with the requisite qualifications, receive the jobs and higher education. Therefore, the HRD attestation is an important step in the case of attestation of educational certificates and documents. HRD attestation would confirm that the expat seeking admission for higher education, applying for a job in UAE or any other similar requirements, has the specified educational qualification.

Let’s look into the procedure for HRD attestation in UAE:

  • The document would require initial attestation by the certificate issuing authority in the home country. The university would examine the documents held with the office and ascertain the authenticity of the certificate.
  • Post attestation on the original certificate by the university, it should be submitted to the ministry of HRD for attestation. The officials at the HRD would assess the certificate before putting the sign and seal of attestation. Since the certificate subsequent to attestation would be used in UAE, the competent authority would check it thoroughly.
  • Every document for use in a foreign country would require attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) or the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in the country of origin. The certificate for usage in UAE, after attestation by HRD, would be attested by the MOFA/ MEA.
  • The consulate or embassy of UAE in the home country would attest the HRD attested document before submission of the same to MOFA in UAE.
  • The final step in HRD attestation is the attestation of the certificate by MOFA in UAE.


Although we call it the HRD attestation of documents for the UAE, the Ministry of HRD is just a part of the attestation process. The document is considered valid only after the attestation by the MOFA in UAE.

Purposes Requiring HRD Attestation in UAE

Purpose Requiring HRD AttestationUAE is a promising land with extensive job, business, and educational opportunities. Most of the processes for company formation, career application, resident visa, and higher education would need HRD attestation. The authorities in UAE would reject an application accompanied by unattested documents.

The purposes, wherein HRD attestation are required include:

  1. Job application in UAE
  2. Admission for higher education
  3. Resident visa application
  4. Freelance work permit
  5. Professional business setup
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Importance of MEA Attestation in UAE

The UAE immigration law requires anybody planning to visit the country for education, employment, business, or other purposes to have their academic and professional documents attested by the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs). The MEA attestation is a mandatory procedure without which one cannot get into UAE.

What is MEA Attestation?

MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) attestation is the most precious stamp on documents, and it may only be applied when the required documents have been examined and confirmed by the appropriate authorities in the state where the certificates were issued. The purpose of document attestation is to verify the authenticity of the documents. The UAE needs attestation of papers to ensure that they are not faked. 

It serves as proof that you are eligible for studying in the UAE, that you have the skill sets required for the job for which you are planning to move to UAE and to prove that you don’t mean any ill intentions towards the state. The minister of external affairs must certify all original documents. For the papers to be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, they must first be attested by the appropriate authorities. 

The MEA attestation is required for embassy attestation. You will not be able to obtain embassy attestation without MEA attestation. Documents such as educational, non-educational, and commercial documents are all subject to MEA attestation. This sort of attestation is used to demonstrate to a foreign government that the papers are genuine. Only after all of the previous attestation procedures have been completed can the MEA attestation be completed. 

The documents that need attestation include degree certificate, marriage certificate, HSC certificate, diploma certificate, transfer certificate, employment certificate, birth certificate among others.

Importance of MEA Attestation

Indian citizens must have their educational, professional, and personal papers authenticated by the Indian Embassy or Indian Consulate in the UAE, or by the Ministry of External Affairs in India. MEA certification is required for anybody seeking admission or employment in any foreign country. The attestation’s goal is to verify the validity of each document. 

The verified documents are subsequently sent to the MEA, the Ministry of External Affair for approval. MEA is a federal organization that deals with foreign issues. MEA attestation is a crucial stage in the attestation process. The Ministry of External Affairs supports the government’s foreign relations. 

In fact, the Ministry of External Affairs is in charge of effectively managing foreign relations. Attestation is undertaken by MEA to prove the genuineness of the documents and it is asked when an indicial seek a work or study visa overseas. MEA attestations are applicable on:

Educational Documents: Degree certificate, diploma certificate, HSC certificate, SSLC certificate, etc comes under the list of educational certificates.

Attestation of educational certificates is done for a variety of purposes, including:

  • For higher education.
  • For employment.
  • For migration.
  • To attain a resident visa.


Commercial documents: Commercial document attestation is the authentication of documents used for trading, commerce, and other purposes in order to utilize them globally. Commercial document attestation is performed on documents such as certificates of origin, certificates of incorporation, invoices, and so on. 

Commercial document attestation serves the following purposes:

  • For the purpose of selling real estate in one’s own country.
  • For trading purposes
  • To establish a business
  • To start a bank account
  • For canceling business partnerships


Non-educational documents: The non-educational documents include birth certificate, marriage certificate, medical certificate, death certificate, divorce certificate, experience/employment certificate, transfer certificate, salary certificate, single status certificate, and so on.

Non-educational documents are attested for the following purposes:

  • For employment purposes
  • For education purposes.
  • For resident visa.
  • To attain a dependent visa.
  • To take family members such as a spouse, children, relatives abroad.
  • To demonstrate the death of an individual.
  • For claiming insurance.
  • Also used for property selling purposes.

Procedures in MEA Attestation

When applying for a visa to travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), whether for personal or professional reasons, UAE attestation is required. Before you get your documents attested by the MEA, the MEA demands all your documents to be attested beforehand either by HRD or the Home Department before MEA puts its stamp of approval. The following organizations are responsible for attesting the respective documents:

  1. Attestation of Educational Documents: All the educational documents such as degree certificate, diploma certificate, HSC certificate, SSLC certificate must be attested by the SDM (sub-divisional magistrate)/ HRD (human resource development) department where the University board or council is situated, from where your certificates have been issued.
  2. Attestation of Non-Educational/ Personal Documents: The non-educational or personal documents must be attested from the State Home Dept. or the General Administration Dept. (GAD). The approved signatory’s name and designating seal must appear on the attestations.
  3. Attestation of Commercial Documents:  The respective Chamber of Commerce pre-validates commerce and business-related paperwork with a rubber stamp showing the authorized officer’s name and designation.


Astute attestation provides MEA Attestation services in UAE. Get in touch with us if you need any kind of assistance related to attestation services in UAE.

How to Legalize Documents in the UAE?

You may come across many situations where you will be required to legalize documents when you are in the UAE. Be it starting a new business, expanding your existing business, migrating to or settling down in the UAE, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the UAE government makes it mandatory for certain documents to be legalized relating to work, education or residence. 

In such scenarios, it becomes important to understand the different types of documents required to be legalized as well as the process regarding the same. But first let us look at why legalization of documents is mandatory in the UAE.

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Importance of Legalization of Documents in the UAE

Legalization of documents in the UAE is important for a variety of reasons. One major reason is that UAE does not fall in the ambit of the Apostille regulations, thereby making legalization of documents a compulsory process if you wish to relocate to the UAE for work or otherwise, or if you wish to start a business or expand your existing business therein. 

The relevant documents need to be submitted before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, consulate of the country of issuance, Ministry concerned with the matter in question as well as UAE consulate, as is applicable on a case to case basis, for it to be valid and hold value in the UAE.

Now that you are aware why it is mandatory, let us see what are the different types of documents that are required to be legalized in the UAE.

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Documents that Require Legalization

Documents that Require LegalisationThe following documents are generally required to be legalized by the UAE government:

  • Marriage certificate, birth certificate, divorce and change of name certificates
  • Educational documents, diplomas, university certificates 
  • Contracts, financial covenants, trade agreements
  • Fingerprints, non-criminal record certificates
  • Certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association, resolutions of board and shareholders
  • Customs clearance declaration, packing list
  • Other licenses and certificates

Procedures for Legalizing Documents in the UAE

The procedure for legalization of documents in the UAE is long and depends on the place where the documents were issued as well as the nature of the entity i.e., person, company etc. 

The procedure where the documents are originally issued at a place other than the UAE is as follows:

  • Copy of document to be notarized
  • Document shall be translated into Arabic or English and thereafter notarised
  • For educational documents, it shall be attested by the Ministry of Education
  • Certification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country of issue of document
  • Certification by the UAE Consulate in the country of issue of document 
  • Certification by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Where the document is issued by the UAE government, the procedure for legalization is as follows:

  • Document shall be translated into Arabic or English and thereafter notarised
  • Certification by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Translated document to be certified by the consulate of the country it is required to be used
  • Execution of certification copy of the document for legal persons 

These are the major factors to be considered when legalizing documents in the UAE. Now that you are aware of the various laws and regulations regarding the same as well procedure to be followed, the next important step would be to connect with a certified and verified attestation agency in the UAE for carrying out the requisite steps on your behalf. Finding the right attestation agency might be a hassle with the unending options available in front of you, but it is always a safe bet to go with the most experienced and best of the lot – Astute Attestation. 

Astute Attestation has been one of the foremost attestation service providers in the UAE ever since its inception. We are the leading agency in the UAE for all matters regarding legalization of documents. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through every step of the way and ensure your process is completed without delay. Check out our range of services here and contact us today to get your documents legalized in the most seamless way possible!

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How to Apply for a Family Visa in the UAE?

If you are planning to bring your dependents to UAE along with you, you need a family visa. There are different types of family visas and all of them come with a set of guidelines and instructions. However, if you wish to apply for a family visa, you have to fill in the appropriate forms, initiate the document process for various other things and thus, you need to have an overall idea before you begin. 

Here, we are going to discuss all the important things that you must know while applying for a UAE Family visa. 

Types of Dependent or Family Visas

Types of Dependant or Family VisaA family visa can be obtained for the following dependents:

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Sons (Maximum age bar is 18 years. If they are still studying, the age bar is placed at 21 years. This means that boys above 21 years are not eligible for family or dependent visa)
  • Daughters (Only unmarried daughters are eligible for the dependent visa. Married daughters are eligible for a spouse visa, initiated by their husbands)
  • Stepchildren (They require a NOC or non-objection certificate from the other biological parent as well)
  • Adopted children (Submitting legal adoption papers is mandatory)
  • Parents
  • Parents-in-law

Who can be a Sponsor and What are the Governmental Regulations?

The person bringing his dependents or family to UAE is called a sponsor and there are various rules to decide the eligibility for being a sponsor as well. 

  • Male expats must have a monthly salary of AED 4000 or AED 3000 plus accommodation
  • Female expats must have a monthly salary of AED 10,000 or a monthly salary of AED 8,000 plus accommodation
  • All the dependents above 18 years of age tested for HIV, TB and generic medical health
  • Sponsors with same-sex marriages are not allowed to sponsor their spouses
  • There are no profession-based regulations though. So, all you have to do is meet the minimum salary requirements.
  • If you are planning to bring your parents or parents-in-law, the minimum salary bracket is AED 20000.

Documents Required for a UAE Family Visa

  • UAE Visa Application Form (online or through a registered typing office)
  • The latest utility bill
  • Passport-size pictures of the family member/s being sponsored
  • Medical clearance certificate for any family member over the age of 18
  • Passport copies of the family member/s being sponsored
  • The legalised marriage certificate
  • Legalised Birth certificate for children
  • Copy of the sponsor’s employment contract or company contract
  • Proof of the monthly salary the sponsor earns
  • Proof of accommodation, such as the registered tenancy contract
  • Sponsor’s birth certificate for the parents-in-law and parents arriving on family visa

How to apply for the UAE family visa?

The family visas can be sponsored by the expatriates or their employers and must be applied for within 60 days of getting your own residence visa. 

There are two important steps in this process:

1. Applying for the UAE entry permit

You or your employer must apply for an entry permit to UAE before making the travel plans for your family or dependents. The entry permit visa applications can be submitted at the following offices:

  • GDRFA or General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (Offline and online applications)
      • If you are applying for the entry permit, you have to go to a licensed GDRFA centre to avail the typing services. You can also get this done at one of the Amer centres.
      • GDRFA Dubai mobile app is also available for both, the iOS and Android devices. 
  • Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship

You can either opt for the eChanel portal of ICA or the dedicated official apps.

2. Submitting the UAE Family Visa Application

You can apply and submit the visa application once the family members have arrived in the country. They can arrive in the UAE on the basis of their entry permits. You have to submit the visa application in the GDRFA office of the relevant Emirates. 

Once the application is approved, it is valid for 1 to 3 years and you have to renew it 30 days before its expiry date. 

Further, you must know that if your or sponsor’s visa is expired, the family visas of his or her dependents will also be no longer valid and turn into void. 

How to Make the Visa Process Easier?

With so many steps and processes, the odds of making mistakes are very high. Further, not all the people are well-versed with the paperwork. There are many companies and agencies that offer family visa services, such as Astute Attestation, which offers expert visa consultation and many other services. The firm also offers Emirates ID typing services. 

So, you can get all the steps done in a jiffy and that too at a nominal price with no chance of making any errors. 

We hope all our readers find the information shared here useful. For more information and expert guidance, please leave your comments. 


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Important Documents to Submit While Applying for Jobs Abroad

Applying for a job is not as difficult as we all think. While applying for a job in a country other than your own, you need a lot of documentation and paperwork. The documents that you may need to submit with your application are very similar to the documents that are required to submit when applying for jobs within your home country but just with a few adjustments.

This is essential for getting a work permit or visa to another country. When you apply for jobs abroad, you have to do certain paperwork. As an international applicant, you have to prepare and get certain documents attested to be able to pursue a job abroad. They are mandatory for getting a job overseas based on your credentials, irrespective of the field you choose.

Documents to Submit While Applying for Jobs Abroad

1.    Copy of Passport

2.    Educational Credentials

3.    Credential Evaluation Reports

4.    Updated Curriculum Vitae

5.    Experience Certificate

6.    Attested Documents

documents submit for applying jobs abroad

1. Copy of Passport

When you are travelling abroad, you need to have a copy of your passport. Once you have made the decision to apply for an international job, make sure your passport is updated and valid. The passport should be valid, updated, and error-free.

A valid passport is always needed to apply for an international job and some countries require 6 months of passport validity before they can accept it.

If your passport doesn’t meet this requirement, you should start the renewal process at the earliest. Renewal of passport takes time so it is better that you check the same beforehand to avoid any problem at the last moment.

2. Educational Credentials

Educational credentials are essential because these are required for getting better employment opportunities abroad. These documents prove that you are qualified for a particular job. You have to be thorough and offer exhaustive information while applying for an international job since the recruiter probably will not be familiar with the education in your home country. 

You should try your level best to gather all the important documents ahead of time so that your application will create a good impression from day one.

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3. Credential Evaluation Reports

Credential Evaluation Reports are essential for familiarizing yourself with the education system in your home country. Many countries ask for credential evaluation reports as these reports give a better understanding of your education system to your employer.

4. Updated Curriculum Vitae

Your CV or resume gives a clear picture of your education and professional qualification to your employer. So, while preparing your CV, you should take into consideration your destination country’s CV requirements. Each country has its own way in which they write their CVs, so make sure that you comply with these rules. It will guarantee that your CV is seriously considered.

5. Experience Certificate

Your prior work experience in your home country must be reflected in your experience certificates. Thus, we can say that an experience certificate is also mandatory for better career prospects for skilled workers who are going abroad.

6. Attested Documents

Documentation attestation is mainly done for authentication purposes to avoid forgery, misinterpretation and issuance of fake documents. It is also mandatory to attest your personal documents and educational documents from your home country. Attestation of educational documents can be done from the respective state HRDs.

Firstly, HRD attestation is done from the state where the certificate was issued. After that MEA attestation is done. Finally, embassy attestation from the embassy of the country you intend to immigrate to.

This brings us to the conclusion of our discussion, and we hope that all our readers find the information helpful in applying for international jobs. Astute provides attestation services of all kinds of documents. Contact us to know more!

Good Luck!

How to get an Equivalency Certificate from the Ministry of Education, UAE?

Have you ever heard about Equivalency certificates? If you are a person working in the education sector in UAE, you will definitely need to know in detail about equivalency certificates. Through this article, we will give a detailed insight about equivalency certificates and the procedures required for getting an equivalency certificate from the ministry of education in the UAE. 

What is an Equivalency Certificate?

An equivalency certification is a process through which the UAE Ministry of Education endorses the educational qualification and confirms the education that you possess to be equal to UAE standard. It involves a few procedures of certificate attestation at government departments in the country of origin of the document as well as in the UAE. In short, an equivalency certificate cross check and proves that you fit into the current job profile perfectly with regard to your qualification. 

Not everyone working in the UAE needs to attain and attest an equivalency certificate. However, people belonging to certain fields should mandatorily get their equivalency certificate attested. Doctors, university professors and other professionals in scientific fields are some job sectors where equivalency certificates are compulsory. 

Importance of Equivalency Certificate

Importance of Equivalency Certificate

If you are a person who has completed your studies outside the UAE and looks forward to working in the UAE, you really need to double check on what all certificates and records are to be presented before the interview board or management. A candidate who has completed their studies from School/colleges and universities outside the UAE must present a certificate of Equivalency for certain job categories like doctors, Professors, banking staff etc and to enroll for higher studies in the UAE.    

In sectors including medical, scientific or higher grade education, you will be definitely asked to produce the equivalency certificate. This is to confirm that you are eligible to work in their firm on a particular designation. That reveals how important an equivalency certificate is. 

Presenting all required documents except for the equivalency certificate can even adversely affect your job opportunity. So to avoid such a challenging situation it is necessary that you get your equivalency certificate. 

Are you aware about who really needs to get an equivalency certificate? Here is the answer you are looking for.

  1. A foreign student who wished to enroll for higher studies in the UAE
  2. An expat who has secured a job in government services in UAE
  3. All teachers and professors (faculty) of colleges and schools
  4. Skilled workforce such as doctors, engineers , nurses etc.

Process & Requirements for getting an equivalency certificate from the ministry of education

How to get an equivalency certificate

Knowing all about an equivalency certificate and the importance of it, now it is time to know more about how you can get an equivalency certificate. 

Obtaining an equivalency certificate is a multi-step process and requires careful attention to details, getting a document attested demands expertise and a full understanding of the procedures involved. First you need to know which are the documents required to be submitted. Knowing them prior, will help you avoid unnecessary time lag and wastage of money.

The main steps involved in procedure are:

  • Ministry of Education attestation from the home country (if this is part of the attestation process in the home country)
  • Notarisation of the certificate (if a copy is being attested)
  • Attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the issuing country
  • Attestation from the UAE Embassy in the country of origin
  • Attestation at the Ministry of foreign affairs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
  • Legal Translation of the original certificate if the certificates are not in Arabic or English
  • Submission online at Ministry of Education site


The requirements for obtaining an equivalency certificate are:

  • Attested Original degree certificate
  • Attested transcripts (consolidated marksheet)
  • Attested Higher Secondary certificate
  • Attested High School certificate
  • Genuity letter obtained from the respective embassy in UAE
  • Passport copy
  • UAE Visa copy
  • Indian identity card copy
  • In case of education abroad, Entry and Exit stamp is also required

How Astute Attestation helps you in getting an Equivalency Certificate?

Astute Attestation is one of the most reliable and leading companies in the Middle Easterner emirates. We offer services ranging from document attestation to family visa and typing services. Qualified and experienced professionals at Astute Attestation guides you the right way to accomplish your attestation needs. Contact us to know more.

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Importance and Procedures of Document Attestation for getting Employment Visa in UAE

The UAE authorities will not issue an employment visa without submitting the requisite documents. Extant policies in the country stipulate acceptance of attested documents only. 

Therefore, the educational certificates and other documents submitted for employment in the UAE have to be attested by the competent authorities, which include the ministries also. This procedure has been formed to ensure that all the documents submitted are genuine.

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There had been confusion in applicants concerning attestation and apostille. Aspirants must note that apostille is not accepted anywhere in the country. Original documents with proper attestation are applicable in UAE. 

Apostille is permissible only in the countries that had signed the agreement in the Hague Convention in 1961. UAE was not a member of the subject convention; hence the said document is not considered an alternative for attestation.

The procedure for attestation of documents in the UAE is a drawn-out process. The candidate will have to visit departments and ministries several times. This may turn into a complex activity for the individuals. 

Imagine the other activities he or she may have to undertake for traveling to a foreign country. A trustworthy attestation service in UAE could be the preferable support for completing the attestation formalities.

The subsequent paragraphs elaborate on the attestation procedure for documents in UAE.

Procedures of Document Attestation for getting Employment Visa in UAE

Educational documents are necessary for a job visa in the UAE. The attestation of educational documents will commence in the country of origin, i.e. wherever the educational certificate was issued.

The educational certificates that require attestation for use in UAE include:

  • SSLC Certificate
  • 10+2 Certificate
  • HSC Certificate
  • Diploma Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Professional Degree Certificate
  • Master’s Degree Certificate
  • School Transfer Certificate

The procedure for educational document attestation in the UAE:

Attestation by the University/ School Board – The issuing authority, the university, or the school board is responsible for the initial attestation of the educational certificate. The officials in the corresponding office will check the records held and confirm that the certificate is authentic. The sign and seal by the authorized official will mark that the certificate is issued originally by the authority.

Attestation by the HRD – The ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) is the ministry responsible for educational documents in India. The relevant ministries in the other countries would attest to the document subsequent to the organization that issued the document. HRD will attest after the university/ board.

Attestation by the MEA/ MOFA in the Home Country – The Ministry of External Affairs (in the case of India)/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs (for other countries) is the final authority for attesting any document that goes to any foreign authority.

The Embassy/ Consulate of UAE – The embassy or consulate of UAE in the country of origin will sign and seal the document after MEA/ MOFA. The document has to be submitted in the laid down format for the attestation.

MOFA in UAE – The MOFA in UAE is the final attestation authority. The educational certificate is considered valid in UAE after attestation by MOFA. The educational document has to be submitted in accordance with the procedure. Else, the authority may return it without attestation, asking for corrections. Moreover, any anomalies in the document or discrepancies in the process can turn troublesome.

This lengthy process may turn into a cumbersome task for the candidates. Experienced attestation services in UAE would be advisable to conclude attestation in a quick time. Even though long-drawn never consider fake attestation offered by some agencies. It can land the expat in trouble and may even lead to a lifetime ban.   

Astute Attestation Services – Your Perfect Attestation Agency in UAE

Astute Attestation has been the leading attestation service in the UAE. We have been helpful to several expats, who were seeking employment opportunities in the country. We could complete the attestation process for them, without any issues or delay, and hand over the document. So that they could get a job in the UAE and start a promising new life.

Job aspirants can approach us for any attestation requirement for obtaining a work visa in UAE. Our perfect attestation has been lauded by the expats, who have availed of our services. Our comprehensive attestation process is:

  1. Collection of document from the client’s location
  2. Scrutiny, entry of the document in our system for monitoring and proper tracking during the attestation process
  3. Dispatch and return documents through our reliable courier services
  4. Completion of attestation in a short time
  5. Delivery of the attested document to the client

We have been successful in providing 100% results. Our team observes meticulous methodology, derived through extensive study and analysis. This has been helpful in undertaking a flawless attestation process to date.

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How many days will it take for Certificate Attestation in UAE?

Many a time ex-pats are confused about the necessity of attestation. The majority consider it as a mandatory need only for governmental formalities. Although attested educational, non-educational, and commercial documents are compulsory for purposes including visa formalities, higher education, immigration documentation, and resident status, only attested documents and certificates are accepted for jobs and other requirements in the public, as well as, private sector.  

Involving a bunch of authorities and departments in the issuing country and the UAE, the attestation is a long-drawn task. The individual would have to visit office to office, obtaining signatures. Already assigned with several other jobs as well, the officials may delay the attestation. An attestation service in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, which can be relied on, would be helpful at such a juncture. The agency will comply with the official formalities and complete the attestation on the individual’s behalf.

On the other hand, some get confused between apostille and attestation. It may be noted that apostille and attestation are two different concepts. Apostille was formulated in the Hague Convention of 1961. And the same is accepted, in lieu of attestation, among the member countries in the said convention. Because the UAE was not a member country, only attested original documents are accepted in the country. The apostille will be rejected outright.

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Time Consumed for Attestation of a Document

Time Consumed for Attestation of a Document

Attestation of a document could be divided into two parts, viz. attestation by the competent authority in the home country and attestation by the UAE authority. It would be advisable to understand the proper procedure prior to starting the process. The attestation services will have professionals thorough with the paperwork. Therefore, they would be able to conclude the attestation in a quick time.  

  • Attestation of the Document in the Home Country

The attestation process commences in the country of origin. Only the issuing authority in the country can ascertain the authenticity and state the same. The signature and seal from the issuing department, which may be a university or board in the case of an educational document or certificate, will confirm that the details of the document are held in the records. Hence, the document is genuine.

Certain documents may not need attestation from the issuing authority. Rather an approved public notary could notarize it. Notarization is also called a notarial act. Once the document has been notarized, it could be forwarded to the relevant department for subsequent attestation. For example, the Ministry of Commerce would be the authorized ministry for attesting a commercial document.

The document, after attestation by the relevant ministry, would have to be submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). The attestation by the MEA/ MOFA is the authority for submitting the same to the embassy or consulate of the UAE in the home country. The attestation of the document by the authorized official in the embassy/ consulate completes the attestation formality in the country of origin.

  • Attestation of the Document in the UAE

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE is the final authority for attesting the document. The same is the case with educational, non-educational, and commercial documents. The MOFA will sign and seal the certificate/ document after verifying the signatures on the document. The document could be used in UAE subsequently.

The mandatory requirement of attestation has led to the formation of fake attestation agencies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well. One may note that fake attestation is considered a grave offense. And the individual may face severe consequences for fake attestation, including a lifetime ban.  

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Time Required for Attestation in the UAE

Time Required for Attestation in the UAE

A stipulated time may not be stated for attestation of documents in the UAE. The attestation necessitates the dispatch and return of the document to and from the home country. Additionally, there are formalities to comply in the country of origin and UAE. Hence, it may not be possible to mention a specific period for attestation. It may be beneficial for the ex-pat to assign the attestation to a trustworthy attestation service. They may be able to complete the task in a short time frame.

We reiterate the word “trustworthy” as they would be handling documents of immense value. The process of dispatch and return, the procedure established for complying with the formalities, and the methodology for monitoring the document during the process is vital. Misplacement or loss of the document can turn problematic for the immigrant. Obtaining a duplicate document may become a herculean task.

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What is the Importance of Attestation for Getting a UAE Family Residence Visa?

Attestation has been stipulated as a mandatory requirement in the UAE. The educational, commercial and non-educational documents will not be considered authentic unless it bears sign and seal from authorized officials. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the UAE is the final attestation authority in the country. However, the process of attestation involves the competent authorities in the country of origin as well.

A UAE family residence visa for the spouse necessitates the submission of documents including the marriage certificate to the authority. It will affirm the relationship with the individuals, besides all the information about the marriage, aiding the authority to approve family residence visa without any issues. Nevertheless, any lacunae in the documentation or attestation can result in the rejection of the visa request.

Procedure for Attestation of Documents for Family Residence Visa

Procedure for Attestation of Documents for Family Residence Visa

The initial phase of attestation of the documents will have to be completed in the home country. In the case of a family residence visa, the individual needs to submit a marriage certificate along with the application. Hence, a proper attestation must be obtained prior to proceeding with the visa application formalities. It is a known fact that attestation is a drawn-out process due to the involvement of different departments and ministries.

  1.     Notarization by Approved Attorney

Notarization by the authorized public attorney is the first step for attestation of the marriage certificate. The notary will examine the document and perform the notarial act or notarization. The marriage certificate could be forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) post notarization.

  1.     Attestation by the Ministry of External/ Foreign Affairs (MEA/MOFA)

The competent authority in the MEA/MOFA would put an attestation sign and seal after examining the document for authenticity. The ministry is responsible for confirming the genuineness since the subsequent attestation by the UAE authorities depends on the same. You will have to pursue the stipulated process for getting the attestation done by the MEA/ MOFA.

  1.     Attestation by the Consulate/ Embassy of the UAE

Attestation by the consulate or the embassy of the UAE in the country of origin is the next step. The document could be forwarded to the MOFA in the UAE on obtaining the subject attestation. Approved and reliable attestation agencies use reputed international couriers for the dispatch and return of the documents. To prevent loss or misplacement in the transit.

  1.     Attestation by the MOFA in the UAE

The marriage certificate or any other non-educational, commercial or educational document could be used after the attestation by MOFA. The officials in the MOFA would scrutinize the document thoroughly before signing it. Since the signature from the officials in the MOFA permits the usage of the document anywhere in the country.

Things to Consider While Selecting the Attestation Service in UAE

Things to Consider While Selecting the Attestation Service in UAE

As discussed in this article, attestation of the documents is a compulsory requirement for use in the UAE. Attested documents or certificates have to be attached for varying purposes including processing visa, resident status, higher education application, employment application, and establishment of the business.

You must consider the following points while choosing the attestation services in the UAE:

  • Check the background and experience of the attestation service in Dubai/ UAE
  • Examine their track record
  • Confirm that the agency is reliable
  • Avoid opting for fake attestation in a bid to complete the formalities quickly. It can land you in great trouble. Punishments including a lifetime ban are awarded for fake attestation.
  • Select the package that would deliver you the attested document in the required time
  • Confirm about the international courier they use for dispatch and return of the documents to and from the home country
  • Evaluate the process the agency follows for completing the attestation process


The documents and certificates are of immense value. Loss of the same can turn problematic, as issuing a duplicate document may be a complex process. Therefore, ensure that the attestation agency in UAE, you hire, has a foolproof methodology for attestation.

The Conclusion

The UAE registers a high number of ex-pat arrival each year, in search of employment as well as entrepreneurship.  It is the country’s responsibility to make sure that the individuals are qualified enough to perform the job or business they seek. Attestation of the documents is the ideal method to confirm that the document is a genuine one.

We have seen that a lot of people are confused between apostille and attestation. They think that apostille could be used in the UAE instead of attestation. You may note that apostille is not accepted in the UAE. Apostille was formulated consequent to the Hague Convention in 1961, for regularizing the procedure for authentication of documents among the member countries. The apostille is not authorized in the UAE, as it was not a part of the subject convention.

Astute attestation in UAE provides all kinds of certificate attestation services with free pick and delivery services with order tracking facility. You may contact us or make a call back request to know more!

Importance of Certificate Attestation to Get a Job in UAE

Every country has its rules and regulations regarding immigrants seeking higher education, employment, resident status, and entrepreneurship in the country. The policymakers always concentrate on scrutinizing the citizens to identify those with genuine certifications. Preventing the entry of frauds, fake certificate holders and unqualified individuals is of paramount importance for the countries to maintain quality. Having the same concept, the UAE has made it compulsory for the expats to submit only attested certificates.

You will have to get the educational certificates attested for use in UAE. Unattested educational certificates and other documents will not carry any value. And the application will be rejected without any intimation. Educational certificate attestation in UAE begins at the country of origin. Predominantly, the issuing authority must ascertain it from their records and attest it, confirming the authenticity. 

Procedure for Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE

Procedures for Educational Certificate Attestation in UAE

The process of educational certificate attestation begins in the home country, as stated above. In fact, the issuing authority in the country of origin has to do the primary attestation in the case of educational, non-educational, and commercial documents. Notarial act or notarization is an alternative process, which could be pursued in case of difficulty in obtaining attestation from the issuing organization.

The procedure of attestation of educational certificate is enumerated below. We have considered the attestation of the Indian educational certificate as an example.

  • Attestation by the university, which issued the certificate. A proper verification vis-à-vis records held at the office before attestation of the educational certificate/ document
  • Attestation by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD). The HRD is the ministry authorized to peruse the educational certificates in India, post attestation by the university
  • Subsequent to HRD, the educational certificate has to be submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). It is the final authority in the country that affirms the genuineness of the educational document for use in the UAE
  • The embassy or consulate of UAE in India will attest the educational certificate after the MEA
  • Once the embassy attestation is done, it can be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE


The documents required for educational certificate attestation in UAE are:

  1. Original certificate
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Copy of visa
  4. Passport size photographs


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Importance of Educational Certificate Attestation to Get a Job in UAE

Importance of educational certificate attestation to get a job in UAE

  • Educational certificate attestation is an unavoidable part of getting a job in the UAE. The attestation by the competent departments and ministries silently confirms that you are qualified enough to perform the job. 
  • Credibility of your certificate – The attestation cements the credibility of your document. Once the attestation is done, it can be submitted whilst applying for jobs or higher education at any firm or university in the UAE. You don’t have to furnish any other detail to confirm that it has been issued by the relevant institution in the home country.
  • Legal Validity – An attested document is legally valid. Therefore, you can challenge any rejections, based on the validity, in the court of justice. Some of the educational documents act as identity proof as well. You can use an attested educational certificate, without any concern, in such cases.
  • Better Value than an Unattested One – Although attestation is a mandatory aspect in UAE, some private firms may not mandate attested documents. There would be aspirants submitting unattested educational certificates for such employment in UAE. Nevertheless, your document will have better priority and value than the unattested one.


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How to Get the Educational Certificate Attested in UAE?

How to Get the Educational Certificate Attested in UAE

You can consider pursuing the process of attestation in UAE by yourself. However, you may note that it is a long-drawn process with different departments/ ministries involved. Check out the procedure thoroughly before commencing the process. Otherwise, you will be losing too much time in correcting the documents and resubmitting the application. 

Alternately, you can hire a reputed attestation service in Dubai or Abu Dhabi for undertaking the task on behalf of you. Just give a letter authorizing the firm to carry out the attestation procedure. The professional team from the organization will quickly comply with the formalities, complete the attestation, and deliver the attested certificate to your location.     

Astute attestation has been one of the most preferred attestation service providers in the UAE. We understand the value of each of the educational certificates and handle those carefully to prevent loss or misplacement. Moreover, we keep a track of the attestation orders from the time we receive them from you until returning them after attestation. 

To attest your educational certificate in UAE, talk to us now. 

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