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Indians remain one of the top immigrants to the UAE. The unparalleled job and entrepreneurial opportunities have been the prime reason for the increased migration. The country has stringent rules and regulations to maintain the place safe and secure for a peaceful life.

Document attestation is another vital necessity promulgated to prevent unqualified individuals from obtaining entry, gaining jobs, and setting up businesses.

Expats from India need to have all the requisite documents in original with a valid attestation. The authorities will not accept an unattested certificate. Indian certificate attestation in UAE is a lengthy process involving ministries and departments in the country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE.

Individuals may find it a complex and time-consuming activity. A reputed Indian document attestation agency in UAE can be of great help for concluding the attestation easily. The immigrants must hire only a reliable attestation service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other region in UAE for the attestation of Indian documents. Remember that a fake attestation can create problems for the individual and may lead to a lifetime ban on entry to UAE. Avoid such negative results by choosing a trustworthy attestation service like Astute attestation.

We have immense experience in undertaking attestation of documents from India. Let it be an educational, personal, or commercial document issued in India, our experienced team will handle the attestation formalities and complete it quickly. We pursue a methodically derived process for Indian document attestation in UAE. Reach out to us to know more.


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There are different packages depending on the speed of the birth certificate attestation. You may contact us to know more about the charges.

The embassy charges ₹3600for attestation of educational documents presently. It may be revised from time to time.

The timeframe for completion of attestation will generally depend on the type of documents and the departments involved. Ideally, it would be completed in 03 to 05 working days.



Attested documents are required for all official purposes including employment, higher education, school admission, visa approval, residence status, and business set-up.



Attestation is the process of authenticating the document. Only attested documents are considered genuine. Hence, the ex-pats have to undertake proper attestation prior to submitting the same for requirements in UAE.

Importance of Indian Certificate Attestation in UAE

Ex-pats arriving from India would require approvals from competent authorities for various requirements. All the applications including visa requests, residency status, employment, higher education, admission of the kid to school, and company formation would be approved only if the attached documents are original, with attestation from the relevant authorities. An unattested document is not considered authentic and such applications would be rejected.

Attestation confirms that the subject certificate or document has been issued by the responsible department and hence is original. The channel of attestation, therefore, begins with the issuing authority and culminates at the MOFA in UAE. It is a long-drawn process that may turn the individual impatient. Moreover, one must know the procedure to reduce delays and confusion.

It is advisable to carry attested Indian documents to UAE to avoid any last-minute hurry. We have exclusive packages depending on the varying requirements of the clients. Choose the right package according to your requirements. We will complete the attestation accordingly and deliver the attested document to the client’s location.

Procedures for Indian Certificate Attestation in UAE

The ex-pat must submit the specified documents for attestation. The certificate for attestation must be original. The attestation by the authorities in India and UAE is done on the reverse side of the certificate.

The attestation begins at the issuing authority in the home country. Alternatively, notarization by the approved public notary would confirm the authenticity of the document. The certificate must be submitted to the responsible ministry after the initial attestation.

Once the authorized ministry scrutinizes the certificate or document in its original and attests it, it must be forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in India, for attestation. MEA is the certifying ministry for anything that has to be submitted to a foreign authority.

Post attestation by the MEA, the document will have to be forwarded to the Embassy or Consulate of the UAE in India. The embassy/ consulate will examine the seals and signatures on the original document and attest to it. This is the final authority in the country of origin, India, for submitting the document for attestation in UAE.

After attestation by the authorities in India and the consulate/ embassy of UAE, the MOFA in UAE will attest the document.

In addition, we offer exclusive packages including different documents and certificates. The charges for the same would depend on the type of documents.

How Astute Helps with Indian Document Attestation in UAE?

Astute Attestation Services has been the trusted attestation agency for ex-pats from India for several years. We have a team of proficient professionals, who have an in-depth understanding of the attestation process in India and the UAE. Moreover, our office in India monitors the progress of attestation and institutes adequate measures to expedite the process.

We will collect the documents from the client, enter the details in our system, complete the attestation and return the attested original document to the client’s doorstep. We use our reliable international courier partner for the safe dispatch and return of the documents. Therefore, the clients can remain unworried about the safety of the documents.

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