Philippines Document Attestation in UAE

The UAE is a dream country for everyone looking for a professional breakthrough. The possibilities one has by studying, being employed, or expanding their business in the UAE are tremendous. Going abroad for work or education or achieving your international commercial goals can be complicated because there is a process of getting the attestation of the documents before you are allowed to go.

It is mandatory to get the documents attested whether it is Philippines or India or any other country. The documents are verified at different levels of the government and the documents can only be authorized by legal authorities.

The UAE requires the documents retrieved from the Philippines to be attested to make sure the documents are not forged, are authentic and genuine, and can be used in the UAE. The stamp from the respective agency is a type of legal procedure that would execute with the evidence of verifying the document. Philippine certificate attestation enables the applicant to get their documents authenticated and legalized for various official purposes.

The attestation stamp proves that your certificate is valid and can be permitted overseas. It proves that you are a genuine person or company that is visiting overseas or doing business with a real purpose. Document attestation is a mandatory procedure for long-term visas like employment visas, resident visas, study visas, and few others. If you are looking for a Philippine certificate attestation in UAE, you are in the right place; Astute is the right destination for any kind of attestation including Philippines documents attestation.


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Types of Philippines Documents Attestation in UAE

Given below are some of the document types for which Astute provides attestation services in the UAE.

1. Marriage Certificate Attestation

2. Birth Certificate Attestation

3. Educational Certificates Attestation

4. Death Certificate Attestation

5. All Types of Attestation of Affidavits

6. Commercial Documents Attestation

7. Police Clearance Certificates

8. Single Status Certificates/Affidavit

9. Unmarried Certificates / Affidavit

10. Bachelorhood Certificates / Affidavit

Steps Involved in Philippines Certificate Attestation

The Philippines Certificate Attestation in the UAE is a long and tedious process. First, the document needs to be attested by the issuing authority, which then needs to go for UAE Embassy Philippines Attestation. The final step is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation(MOFA) in UAE. Let's go through each step briefly:

1. The document attestation by the issuing authority is the beginning step of the attestation procedure, eg, an educational document, for example, will be attested by the Department of Education or the Commissioner of Higher Education Department (CHED) first.

2. Attestation from the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA): Previously, the DFA would issue an authentication certificate labelled "Red Ribbon." The same, however, has been phased out in 2019. The department currently uses an apostille as proof of authentication.

3. The UAE Embassy Philippines Attestation will then review and verify the attested certificates.. The UAE Embassy Philippines Attestation must legalize the documents before attestation is done by the MOFA.

4. Once the UAE Embassy Philippines Attestation is done, the MOFA in the UAE can finally attest to the document.

You must know that the MEA and the UAE Embassy Philippines Attestation do not accept individual attestation requests. You can approach the authorities through attestation agents. It is obvious to get stressed with so many procedures and only professional help can save you from all these complications.

And it sure can be difficult to find a trustworthy agent. But worry no more! Astute Attestation is here to help you. We have served thousands of clients and are well-known in the industry for our punctuality and genuineness.

Documents required for Philippines Certificates Attestation

The most common documents attested are Philippine degree certificates, certificates of civil status (birth, death, and marriage certificates), police clearance certificates, diplomas, and affidavits. The documents are classified into three types:

  • Personal
  • Educational
  • Commercial

Why Astute for Philippines Certificate Attestation?

Astute is one of the leading attestation service providers in UAE, which offers excellent services when it comes to attestation. Astute handles your attestation services in a very secure and safe manner. Since the process involves your original documents, there is always a concern about document security and handling. So, it is beneficial to get certificates attested by experts for the Philippines Certificate Attestation in Dubai. Astute Attestation will carry out your entire attestation process in an expedited manner and provide you with all of the requirements to have your papers approved for the country of use.

You can spend your valuable time planning your travel and make the best out of it. If you have any doubts about the process, you can reach out to us! All-in-one hassle-free document verification and attestation service is just a phone call away.

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