UK Document Attestation in UAE

Attestation of documents and certificates is a mandatory requirement in UAE. Applications accompanied by unattested documents would be rejected by the authorities. This is the case with all types of official applications including those for higher education, company formation, job application, and resident visa. You will have to complete the attestation in the original documents before submission of the same in UAE.

The UK certificate attestation is a lethargic process, involving different departments in the UK and UAE. It would require you to visit different offices repeatedly to complete the UK certificate attestation in UAE. Making it ideal to hire reliable attestation services in UAE to undertake the attestation procedure for you.

Astute attestation has been supporting clients with quick and time-bound UK certificate attestation in UAE. Our professionals have a thorough understanding of the attestation process for different types of documents and certificates. That’s why we have been capable of delivering optimal services to our clients.

We can help you with educational, non-educational, and commercial document attestation. Ping us now to kick-start the process and conclude attestation formalities in a short time.


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We have a systematic process in place for UK document attestation for UAE. The meticulous process affirms the safety of each of the certificates handed over for attestation. Our 100% success rate is the result of these concerted efforts from our end.

It may not be possible to state a fixed timeline for UK certificate attestation, since different departments are involved. We assure you to complete the UK document attestation in the shortest time possible.

There are nominal charges, stipulated by the authorities in both countries, for UK certificate attestation. Contact us now, to get the existing charges for the attestation of different UK documents.

Apostille is not recognized by the UAE authorities. The countries, which were a part of the Hague Convention in 1961 only accept apostille as a valid document. UAE was not a member of the subject convention, and neither it accepts apostille instead of attestation. You will have to get an attestation in the original UK certificate for use in the UAE.

Attestation is a mandatory requirement promulgated by the UAE authorities. An unattested document is not considered valid for use in the UAE. The application would be rejected if the submitted documents are not attested. Therefore, you will have to attest to the UK certificate and document prior to using it in the country.

Types of UK Certificates that Require Attestation in UAE

Whatever certificate and document you would be using in UAE would require attestation. Only the attested certificates are considered authentic. The attestation seal and signature from the competent officials help the authority confirm that the certificate is valid.

Witnessing the arrival of thousands of ex-pats from the UK, USA, India, Pakistan, and many other countries, the UAE wants to confirm that the individuals they permit have valid documents and certificates. This stringent measure has been helpful in preventing the entry of fake certificate-holders largely. You can reach out to us for any UK certificate attestation for UAE.

Steps Involved in UK Certificate Attestation

We offer a convenient UK certificate attestation process for our esteemed clients. As our client, you don’t have to visit us or travel to our office for UK certificate attestation in UAE. Contact us, for attestation of any type of document or certificate originated in the UK. Our executive will reach your location and collect the certificate.

After an initial examination and entry of the document in our database, the UK certificate attestation process would commence. The availability of information in the database would help you track the progress of attestation.

We would despatch the document to the UK, through our trustworthy international courier. The courier service has been chosen carefully, considering the importance and value of the documents sent. Our courier partner has a 100% success rate and they handle every document safely.

The certificate attestation has a specific process promulgated by the authority in the UK. It is the same for commercial, educational, and personal documents. That means the process of degree certificate attestation, marriage certificate attestation, birth certificate attestation and power of attorney attestation would have the same process in the UK and UAE.

The UK certificate would be verified by the authorized solicitor general and would put a solicitation stamp. This is the first stage of UK certificate attestation. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is the next authority for confirming the validity of the certificate and putting attestation.

The Embassy of UAE, located in London, is the final authority to put the sign and seal of attestation in the UK. The UK certificate for attestation will then be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE for final attestation. The certificate attested by MOFA can be used in the UAE for various official purposes.

Documents Required for Attestation

Documents stating the identity of the individual have to accompany the UK certificate for attestation. The documents that are needed for UK document attestation for UAE are:

  • Original certificate
  • Copy of passport
  • Passport size photographs
  • Authorization letter for attestation


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Astute Attestation has been the leading UK certificate attestation service in UAE for several years. Our professionals work relentlessly, to complete the attestation quickly and return the attested document to the client. We have a seamless process for the collection, despatch, return, and handing over of attested certificates to our clients.

The exclusive features of Astute include a professional team, 24x7 support, affordable packages for the clients to choose from, quick turnaround, convenient process for UK certificate attestation, 100% success rate, careful handling of documents, collection and return at the client’s location without any extra cost

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