USA Document Attestation in UAE

You must get your USA documents attested for use in the UAE. It is a mandatory requirement for all official purposes. The authority will not accept an unattested document. Educational, personal, and commercial documents and certificates have to be attested prior to submitting the same to the authorities.

USA certificate attestation in UAE is an uphill task that involves several departments and ministries. The document has to be attested by the competent bodies in the issuing country, the USA, and the UAE. The protracted procedure will turn cumbersome for an individual with inadequate experience in the field.

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We have been undertaking USA document attestations in UAE with 100% accuracy. Our team in the USA handles the documents carefully, preventing any possibility of loss. We use reliable international courier services for the safe dispatch and return of documents to and from the US.

Different departments have a specific fee for attestation. Therefore, the total expense for USA document attestation in UAE will differ accordingly.

Yes. The individual can pursue the process of USA document attestation by themself. However, it is advisable to assign the long-drawn and tiresome process to a professional attestation service in UAE.



The time required for USA document attestation in UAE will depend on the document to be attested. Furthermore, the experience of the professional attestation services processing the USA document for attestation in UAE will help in completing the attestation in a quick time.



Attestation of USA documents in UAE is a mandatory requirement stipulated by the UAE authorities. An unattested document will not be considered valid and the application will be rejected outright.

Types of USA Documents Attestation Services

We provide comprehensive USA document attestation services. Our team will handle the attestation of every kind of document. They have immense experience and expertise regarding the procedure of attestation of each type of document. They would commence the attestation process right away and conclude it in the shortest possible time.

We can help you with the attestation of the following documents.

Personal Documents Attestation - Birth Certificate Attestation, Marriage Certificate Attestation, Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), Death Certificate Attestation, Divorce Certificate Attestation, Affidavit, Good Conduct Certificate Attestation.

Education Certificates Issued in USA - USA Degree Certificate Attestation, USA Diploma Certificate Attestation, USA Professional Degree Certificate Attestation, USA School Leaving Certificate Attestation, USA Vocational Degree Certificate Attestation

Commercial Documents Attestation - Power of Attorney Attestation, Article of Association, Memorandum of Association.

Steps Involved in USA Document Attestation in UAE 

As we have mentioned in the beginning, the certificates and documents have to be submitted to different departments and ministries of USA document attestation in UAE. The stepwise process for USA document attestation in UAE is:

1. The USA document has to be notarized by the approved public notary in the US before submitting it to different authorities

2. The Secretary of State in the US, in the origin of the certificate or document, would authorize the certificate subsequent to notarization. Authentication of the document is essential for pursuing the further document attestation process in the US.

3. The Department of State, USA would issue an apostille based on the notarization and attestation (note that, an apostille can be used as the authority for the countries that were a member of the Hague Convention in 1961. Apostille is not accepted in UAE, instead of attestation, as UAE was not a member of the subject convention)

4. The document is then to be submitted to the UAE Embassy in Washington DC, for legalization

5. Post legalization by the Embassy of UAE in Washington, the document has to be forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), UAE

6. Final attestation is done by the MOFA in UAE. The USA document is ready for use, after MOFA Attestation.

The above-mentioned is the generic process for attestation of USA documents in UAE. It may have slight variations or additions in the case of some specific types of documents.

You may contact us to know in detail about the attestation of a specific US document. Our executive will brief you about the procedure of attestation of varying commercial, educational and non-educational documents issued in the USA.

Documents Required for USA Document Attestation in UAE

Documents required for US document attestation in UAE are:

  • Original document
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of visa
  • Passport size photographs
  • Letter of authorization
  • Additional documents sought from time to time

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