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Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE

Degree certificate is a vital educational document that will be required for different purposes including higher education and employment. To make sure that the degree certificate submitted is authentic, the UAE stipulates attestation of the same by competent authorities. Degree certificate attestation for UAE is a drawn-out task involving different departments and ministries. However, an unattested certificate is invalid and the application for a job, higher education, visa or any other purpose would be rejected outright.

Don’t get disheartened thinking about the daunting task of attestation. Astute Attestation Services will help you by undertaking the process. Unlike other agencies, we complete the attestation procedure in the shortest time possible, at affordable rates. We understand your dilemma of handing over the invaluable certificate to a third party. You may be concerned about the safety of the important document, and the reliability of our firm.

We understand the value of each certificate. Astute has been handling not only degree certificate attestation for UAE but also other educational, non-educational and commercial documents as well. Our team takes care of the documents and prevents any possibility of misplacement. That’s how we have achieved a 100% success rate since inception.  

Procedures Involved in Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE

You can also undertake the attestation process by yourself. Even though complicated, you can complete it with concerted efforts and constant monitoring. The officials burdened with many other activities may overlook your application at times. It may necessitate frequent reminders to each of the departments. The procedure for degree certificate attestation for UAE is:

1. Attestation begins at the university in the home country, which has issued the certificate. The authority will examine the document, compare it with the records held and put the sign and seal of attestation. Another method is to obtain notarization from an authorized public notary, instead of attestation by the university.

2. The next step of degree certificate attestation for UAE, in the case of a country like India, involves the Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD). The HRD officials will authenticate the document.

3. The degree certificate attested by the university (or notarized by the public notary) and HRD has to be forwarded to the Ministry of External Affairs/ the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin.

4. Post attestation by MEA/ MOFA, the certificate must be submitted to the embassy/ consulate of the UAE.

5. The MOFA in the UAE undertakes the final attestation on the degree certificate.

Astute will collect the degree certificate from your location and deliver the same to you, post completion of the attestation formalities.

Why Astute for Degree Certificate Attestation?

You must choose only a reputed and well-established attestation service in the UAE for attestation of degree certificate and other documents. We have been one of the most reliable firms offering attestation of educational, non-educational, and commercial documents. Our foolproof methodology ensures the safe handling of documents and quick completion of attestation.

The features that distinguish us from the others include:

1. Experienced Team – Our selected bunch of professionals has immense experience in the field. They know the intricate aspects of attestation thoroughly. Hence, more efficient in concluding the degree certificate attestation for UAE.

2. Credible Services – We pursue a flawless, time-tested, procedure with proven efficacy, to extend optimal support to clients. We offer excellent educational, non-educational, and commercial document attestation services.

3. Affordable Packages – Choose the right package depending on your urgency. Each of our packages is competitively priced to help you without costing high. You can remain unconcerned both about the attestation and costs involved.

4. Quick Completion – We provide attestation in the shortest possible time. Therefore, you can proceed with the further process. Our experience in carrying out attestation services, cordial relations with the officials and availability of team at each of the countries, aidedus in that.

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  • What is degree certificate attestation?

    Degree certificate attestation is the process of obtaining a sign and seal from the competent authorities to confirm the genuineness of the document for use in the UAE (or any other country).

  • How long will it take for completing the attestation process?

    Stating a fixed timeframe for attestation of the certificate may not be possible, as many departments and ministries are involved. You may talk to us now to know more.

  • How to obtain a bachelor or professional degree certificate attestation in the UK?

    The attestation begins with authentication by a solicitor, followed by the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO), and the embassy of the UAE in the UK. And culminates at the MOFA in the UAE.

  • What is the fee for degree certificate attestation in UAE?

    The fee charged by the authorities changes from time to time. Please contact us to know the latest charges.

  • Is apostille accepted in the UAE?

    No. Apostille is not accepted in the UAE. One needs to get attestation on the original document, for use in the UAE. Apostille is applicable only to countries, which were a member of the Hague Convention in 1961.

  • What to do in case of loss of the original certificate?

    Attestation is done on the original certificates only. Therefore, the individual needs to obtain a duplicate certificate from the university.