Death Certificate Attestation in UAE

Attestation of documents issued in other countries has been a mandatory requirement in the UAE. Official formalities cannot be completed without submitting a duly attested document. An unattested foreign document is not considered valid for any purposes. Being a vital document that is crucial for varying purposes, you will have to get the death certificate attested prior to attaching it with applications.

Death certificate attestation in UAE has been a long-drawn task involving the authorities in the home country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE. The document containing the data regarding the cause of death, age, sex, location and other relevant info would be necessary for nominees including spouse, children and close relatives to stake claim on business, property, bank account, insurance claim etcetera.

Inadequate information on the death certificate attestation UAE, the formalities to be complied, the offices to be approached and the lack of idea about the exact process can complicate the attestation further. You would require the support of a trustworthy attestation agency, for death certificate attestation for UAE, at this juncture.

The professionals at Astute Attestation have been trained to offer prompt support for death certificate attestation, UAE. They are experienced and knowledgeable in not only death certificate attestation but also in the attestation of other certificates and documents including marriage certificate, birth certificate, degree certificate, diploma certificate, professional degree certificate, school leaving certificate, power of attorney, police clearance certificate, Article of Association (AOA), affidavit, and so on.

We would take all the efforts on behalf of you for the death certificate attestation in UAE. The team would visit the competent authorities at different offices in the home country and UAE for concluding the death certificate attestation UAE.

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We pursue a transparent process of death certificate attestation in the UAE. We offer real-time info on the status of death certificate attestation for UAE. Further, you can track the death certificate attestation online.

Death certificate attestation has a nominal fee fixed by the authority. The cost for a death certificate attestation is subject to change. You may connect with us now to confirm the latest fee for death certificate attestation for UAE.



The death certificate attestation in UAE can be completed in 3-5 working days. We assure you of the death certificate attestation for UAE in the shortest possible time frame.

Only an attested certificate is considered genuine in UAE. This is vital, especially in the case of the death certificate. Since the property, wealth, insurance claim, shares etc would be transferred to the authorized nominees, it is important for the authorities to confirm the death of the individual and the cause of death.



Death certificate attestation in UAE involves departments and ministries in the home country and UAE. The original death certificate has to be attested by the responsible authorities in the home country. The final attestation in UAE is done by the MOFA in UAE.



Steps Involved in Death Certificate Attestation UAE

The departments and ministries to be approached for personal documents, educational documents and commercial documents attestation are different. Accordingly, the application process also would differ.

You need not worry about the exact process when our team is handling the death certificate attestation in UAE for you. The only thing you have to undertake is to contact us and let us know the attestation requirement. Once it is done, our professional would:

STEP 1: Arrive at your location for discussing the requirement and collecting the documents

STEP 2: The professional would enter the details of the death certification for attestation in UAE (original copy) and other relevant documents in our system.

STEP 3: The entry in the specially designed software will help in tracking the progress of death certificate attestation, UAE

STEP 4: We would despatch the original death certificate for attestation and associated documents to the country of origin for complying with the formalities

STEP 5: The team in the home country would commence the attestation procedure right away once they receive the document. The quick and proactive measures have been helping us in completing the attestation in the predefined schedule

STEP 6: After complying with the death certificate attestation in the home country, the last authority being the Embassy or Consulate of UAE in the country, the attested certificate would be returned to the UAE

STEP 7: Our agency will receive the preliminarily attested death certificate for attestation in UAE

STEP 8: The original copy of the death certificate, with signatures and seals from the authorities in the home country and the embassy/ consulate of the UAE, would be submitted to the MOFA attestation in UAE.

STEP 9: The attested death certificate would be delivered to you at your location in UAE

We pursue a meticulous procedure to prevent any possibility of shortcomings or errors. The focused approach has been the factor that helped us to become the leading attestation service in the UAE.

Why Do You Need to Attest Death Certificates?

The authorities in the country accept only attested documents for any purpose. An important document, for the surviving family members, to claim on the asset, business, properties and other valuables left behind by the deceased, the death certificate attestation in UAE is of paramount importance. ) is the next authority for confirming the validity of the certificate and putting attestation.

Diverse purposes for which death certificate attestation in UAE is essential include:

1. Insurance claim on the name of the person

2. Inheritance of the assets

3. Claiming authority in the business firm

4. Preventing legal complications and complying with the legal formalities

5. Removal of the person from the director board and other company documents

6. Closing bank accounts in the UAE including fixed deposits

7. Receiving the profits on shares and mutual funds, as well as, selling the stakes

Documents Required for Attestation

All the required documents have to be submitted along with the original death certificate for obtaining a death certificate attestation in UAE. The documents that are necessary for death certificate attestation in UAE are:

  • Passport copy of the individual
  • Original copy of death certificate
  • Authorization to Astute for undertaking attestation of the death certificate


Why Astute for Death Certificate Attestation in UAE?

We have been one of the most responsible and dependable attestation services in the UAE for several years. Our comprehensive services and timely rendition of attestation have helped several ex-pats to complete the official formalities in time. The committed attestation services have been lauded by ex-pats and residents alike.

The procedure we follow for death certificate attestation in UAE has been devised after a thorough study. Furthermore, our extensive experience in the field makes us the ideal option for the attestation of documents on a fixed schedule. We offer different packages for the attestation of documents in the UAE. Affordably priced, you choose the attestation package depending on the urgency of the document.

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