Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE

Attestation of certificates and documents is a mandatory requirement in the UAE. Unattested certificates are not considered genuine. Therefore, it will not be accepted by the government authorities and private organizations in the country. The marriage certificate confirms the relationship between a couple.

An attested marriage certificate has to be submitted for visa requirements and other relevant approvals from the authorities in UAE. As the marriage certificate attestation in UAE is a complex task involving several departments and ministries in the home country and the UAE, expats often assign it to visa attestation services in the country.

Hiring a reliable visa attestation service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other region in UAE may be the best way to get the attestation done quickly, without any hassles. The catch here is to identify a credible attestation agency in your region. With 100% results, Astute Attestation would be your ideal support for the attestation of a marriage certificate or any other document in UAE. You may talk to us today, to get the attestation done in the shortest time frame. 


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Notarization is the process of verification and confirmation of the document by an authorized public notary. The public notary will attach a notary certificate to the certificate confirming the authenticity.

It may depend on the country of origin. If the certificate needs translation, it has to be done before beginning the process. Else, the first step would be verification by a public notary. Contact us to know more.



The charges for marriage certificate attestation for UAE will depend mainly on the country of origin. You may send us the scanned copy of the marriage certificate to check the charges.

It normally takes around 03 to 05 days for completing the attestation formalities of the marriage certificate. You can discuss your urgency with us and we will expedite the process to ensure quick completion.

Apostille is the alternative for attestation accepted by the countries that participated in the Hague Convention of 1961. Attestation is done on the original document. However, an apostille is an additional certificate issued by the competent authority affirming the authenticity of the certificate. Apostille is not accepted by the UAE.

Attestation of documents is a mandatory requirement in UAE, as well as, most of the countries around the world. Attestation helps the authorities to ensure that the document is genuine and the immigrant has the requisite qualification.

Attestation is the process of obtaining a sign and seal from the issuing authority to confirm the genuineness of the certificate.

Procedures Involved in Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE

The marriage certificate attestation for UAE begins at the country of origin of the certificate. It may become an uphill task if you are not aware of the exact process. Before commencing the attestation procedure, the following documents must be made ready. 

  • Original marriage certificate
  • Copy of passport
  • Visa copy
  • Passport size photographs
  • Letter authorizing Astute to carry out the attestation formalities
  • Additional document (s) promulgated from time to time


Once all the documents are ready, you may begin the attestation process. Ideally, the attestation process takes around 03 to 05 days. In case you are hiring us, our executive will reach your location to collect the document and commence the attestation process. The procedure for marriage certificate attestation for UAE is described in the succeeding paragraphs. 

Translation of the Document – The marriage certificate may have to be translated by an authorized translation service if required. 

Verification by Public Notary – This is the preliminary step involved in marriage certificate attestation for UAE. The marriage certificate will be examined and verified by an authorized public notary in the home country. He or she will put a seal and sign confirming the authenticity.

Attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)/ Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) – In countries including India, the foreign ministry is called the Ministry of External Affairs or MEA. The notarized marriage certificate will have to be submitted along with the prescribed application for attestation by the MEA/ MOFA.

Consulate/ Embassy Attestation – The consulate or embassy of the UAE in the country of origin will examine the certificate and attest. This step is the final one in the home country. The marriage certificate, after authentication by the embassy/ consulate, could be forwarded to UAE, by attestation by MOFA in the UAE.

MOFA (UAE) Attestation – The marriage certificate for an attestation has to be submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in UAE. Post the attestation by the MOFA, it can be used for any purpose in the country.

Purposes of Marriage Certificate Attestation

The authorities in the UAE accept an attested marriage certificate only. Normally, it is required for the following purposes:

  • Change of name in passport
  • Processing family visa
  • Divorce application
  • Obtaining insurance for a spouse
  • Child’s passport application
  • Child’s admission to school
  • Child adoption in the UAE


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