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MOFA Attestation in UAE in the original document is a mandatory process. Exhaustive process, involving different departments/ ministries in the country of origin and UAE has been a deterrent factor for expats.

A committed MOFA attestation service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or any other region in UAE can handle the process on behalf of you. Astute can be your trusted partner for MOFA attestation in UAE. With immense experience, we will complete the attestation in the shortest possible time and hand over the document to you.

If you are an immigrant trying to obtain a visa, residence status, company formation, or any other process in the country, you need to get the relevant documents attested. There is no method to circumvent this process. You may also note that fake attestation is a grave crime and it can lead to a lifetime ban. Hiring a reliable attestation service is the best way to get the educational, personal, and commercial documents attested. 


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Now it is easy to comply with the formalities and get your educational, non-educational, and commercial documents attested. We are your perfect support for all your attestation needs in UAE.

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We have a systematic process for initiating and completing the attestation. The professionals at Astute will handle it with the utmost care to prevent loss or misplacement. Furthermore, we have a credible international courier partner for the safe dispatch and return of documents.

Attestation of the document is done on the reverse side of the original document. We will try to remove the lamination carefully for obtaining attestation.

There are different packages depending on the speed of the birth certificate attestation. You may contact us to know more about the charges.

The authority in the UAE charges a nominal fee for attestation. We offer different attestation packages, from which you can choose one.

Attestation time will depend on the ministries involved. Therefore, it will depend on the type of document. However, we assure attestation in the quickest possible time.



The document will not be considered valid without the MOFA attestation in UAE. MOFA attestation confirms that the document is genuine, to prevent unqualified personnel from obtaining unauthorized entry. A vital aspect considering the large number of immigrants arriving in the country.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) is the final authority for attestation of documents in the UAE. The document issued from other countries has to be attested by the relevant authorities in the home country, as well as, MOFA in the UAE.

Procedures involved in MOFA Attestation in UAE

MOFA attestation in UAE could be divided into two segments. The initial stage of attestation is undertaken in the home country or country of origin of the certificate. The second, and final stage is completed in the UAE.

Attestation by Issuing Authority – The first step is to get the original document attested by the issuing authority. For example, the university would be the initial authority for scrutinizing the educational certificate and confirming that the corresponding data is held in the system. The sign and seal from the competent authority in the university make the certificate original and valid. Alternatively, some documents and certificates could be notarized by the approved public notary. Notarial act or notarization will become the authority for subsequent attestation formalities and MOFA attestation in UAE.

Attestation by the Responsible Ministry – Attestation from the ministry in the home country, which is responsible for the particular document, is the next step. The attestation by the authorized official would confirm the authenticity.  

Attestation by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)/ the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) – The attestation by MEA or MOFA of the home country is necessary prior to forward the document to the embassy or consulate of the UAE in the home country.

Attestation at MOFA in UAE – MOFA in the UAE is the authority for putting final attestation. After which, the document could be used for various purposes in the country.

Documents that need MOFA Attestation in UAE The documents required for MOFA attestation in UAE are:

  • Original certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Authorization letter on behalf of Astute Attestation
  • Additional documents would be informed by our executive, if necessary


Documents and Certificates that Need MOFA Attestation in UAE

Every document that is required to be submitted for purposes including visa approval, residency status, higher education, business set-up, legal formalities etcetera has to be attested before submission.

Educational certificates that require attestation include:

  • HSC Certificate
  • 10+2 Certificate
  • Degree Certificate
  • Professional Degree Certificate
  • School Transfer Certificate
  • Diploma Certificate

Commercial documents that need attestation include:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Article of Association

Non-educational/ personal documents that require attestation include:

  • Divorce Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Death Certificate


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Astute has a wide presence across the globe, with dedicated offices and experienced professional staff. We offer a comprehensive service and time-bound completion of all the attestation activities. You can contact us in case of any attestation requirements. Our executive will arrive at your doorstep for the collection of the documents.

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